When you work in Toronto and live out in a suburb, you have a choice to make when it comes to your dental care. Should you register with a dental office that's near where you live or try to find a dentist in the downtown area that's near your workplace? Choosing wisely can save you time and money depending on your family situation. There are pros and cons to each arrangement. We'll list them for you here so you can use them to help you make your decision. If you are going to open a dental business, the option becomes even more important.

If you choose a dentist near your home, you can make appointments for weekends and days off work without having to commute into the city. You can also have the same dentist for your children, since it will be much easier to take them out of school to see a dentist nearby than it would be to schlep them all the way into the city to get their teeth cleaned. This is especially important if your kids are young and would not behave during a long commute. Suburban dentists may also be a little cheaper, as their overhead costs won't be so high, but this is not a worry for you if you have dental insurance through your work or private medical insurance.

If you choose a dentist office in Newmarket because it is near your home for example, you can actually use your half day doctor and dentist appointment allotments and still have time to spare to get a long lunch. Even if you don't get time off for appointments, you can always squeeze in an appointment before or after work or during your lunch. Some of the best dentists in the city, work there because that's where they have the best exposure to wealthy patients. Downtown dentists are likely to be busier, however, and may be more expensive. And if you need emergency dental care on the weekends or on your day off, you likely won't be able to get into the city and will instead have to try to find an emergency dental clinic closer to home.

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