If we aren't learning and growing as individuals it means that we have reached a stagnant point in our lives. That's a scary place to be because there's always room to learn more and grow as an individual. That's especially true when it comes to the corporate world, as employers are always demanding that their employees develop their workplace skills. What that usually entails is employers asking their employees to take a class, course or seminar that will teach them new skills that they can utilize in the workplace.

In the architecture and aviation industries common skill developing courses that employees are asked to take revolve around Revit training and aviation maintenance, respectively. Architecture and aviation are two industries in which working with technology is a major part of the job and not all employees are up-to-date with the software programs that those particular industries use.

Taking a quick course or seminar that teaches nurses how to use implement new medical procedures or protocol will go a long way towards ensuring skills will be updated and on the same page in the medical industry. You might feel that taking a training course or software seminar is something that's beneath you but the fact of the matter is that if you're aren't willing to update your skills there will be somebody else who is and that could lead to you losing out on a certain promotion, or worse, your job.

With the way most work environments are going knowing your way around computers and certain software programs will give you an edge in your work performance, as more and more tasks rely on computers to be completed. Not to mention that if you do take a particular course that updates your skills you can add that to your resume and when the time comes for your performance review you'll be able to pinpoint to the new training you received to prove you have updated your skills. That's also a good thing and employers are more than willing to compensate you for that. Would you hire an accountant that graduated decades ago and had not learned new expenditures and filing rules? Charn Hansra for example, believes you would rather work with an experienced chartered accountant like himself, who is constantly learning and training with up to date courses.

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