Not everybody is awarded the opportunity to make a decent sized income from only one job, whether a permanent career as a talent agent or driver for Transway Systems Inc. (manufacture of toilet pumper trucks). While it's nice being able to have the security that comes from a one-job career for many working people out there the reality is that they need to find an extra part time job or two in order to gain some much needed additional income.

Working multiple jobs isn't the most ideal situation for people but in the current financial climate we find ourselves in it's the only solution. Full time jobs that guaranteed 40 or more hours per week aren't as readily available as they once were and that's especially true with the high number of qualified candidates competing for the same food management or realtor jobs.

If you find that the job you are currently employed to do isn't providing you with enough of a steady income to survive off of that's not good and you need to consider looking for an additional job to supplement your current income. The good thing about being in such a situation is that there are plenty of businesses looking for part time help. You might have to go outside of your comfort zone and work a part time job like answering phone calls for a eye clinic though, for example. The fact of the matter is that you can't be all that choosy when looking for part time work because you might need to find yourself a job as soon as possible.

In such a scenario you're going to have to take whatever is being offered even if you don't have much experience, whether it's a management position or newspaper copy editor. The trickiest aspect of having more than one job is finding the time to fit all your jobs into your schedule. That problem is combated by having to go down the unwanted path of alternating between day and night jobs. It's not a luxurious lifestyle by any means but it might just be the only way you are able to make enough income to live off.

Part time work is only something you should look into if you know you need additional income to supplement your current financial situation. You don't want to have to take on a second gig if you don't have to. In order to determine if you need additional income to be coming your way do a quick number crunch of your finances and work from there. If it turns that you are in need of a second or third job then start browsing the job market to find yourself some part time work.

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