Most people would rather have any other job, whether it be working the desk at hotels in Niagara Falls or writing content for how to pick your own apples in Stoney Creek, than go to work at a call center. However, if you've just moved to Central Asia and you're having trouble making ends meet while you look for a more permanent job that is relevant to your career training, you might have to consider a job in telemarketing. Here's what you can expect from telemarketing sales.

Many North American companies have outsourced their consumer help lines to countries in Central Asia in order to take advantage of the cheaper wage rates. Therefore there should be many call centers you can choose from. As a native North American with unaccented English, you would be in demand as an employee because most people who call the Lawn Care help line will have trouble understanding local people who have heavy accents when they speak English. In fact, some call centers require their employees to pretend they are North Americans working from North America.

Working at a call center is a little different than working anywhere else. Whereas you may have had to deal with a few problem customers while working in an auto body shop, the majority of customers who are calling into a help line are problem customers. They may be angry that their product is not working or incapable of understanding the basic instructions for how to make it work so you will have to be very patient and understanding with them.

As a call center employee, your actions reflect back on the company whose account you are working on. In order to make sure that you are treating customers well, your bosses both at the call center and at corporate headquarters will have access to recordings of the calls you handle at the call center. So if you are snide about selling non surgical gloves in Toronto or rude to customers, you could find yourself without a job. There are always more people wanting to work in the call center.

And finally, working in a call center, especially an outgoing call center, can be very demoralizing. People may berate you, hang up on you, insult you, or even toy with you. It's important to keep your self worth from being caught up in whether or not you're able to move the photography for sale the company has you peddling. Remember: it's only a job.

Consumers need to be aware that there are also many telephone scams that go on around the world. Educate yourself and be careful who you give personal details to. Some known scams can be found here Money Sense.

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