Income Sources in Asia and Beyond

Even if you were one of the biggest producers of movie films in Europe before you moved to Asia, if you're having difficulty obtaining work permits or learning the language you may not be able to find a steady job for a while. Bills still need to be paid, however, so you'll need some way to earn money. Here are a few types of income sources you might be able to draw on while you're waiting for something more permanent.


If there are other dentists in your neighborhood who have jobs and can't be home all day to look after their children or pets, you can make some money by loaning them your time. You have to have a license to operate a day care, but babysitting a child or elderly person or walking a dog a few times a day is something you can do as long as they trust you and you can be paid under the table - no work permit necessary.

Private Tutoring

Even if you're having trouble learning the local language yourself, you still have something you can offer - your faculty with English. You can make some extra money by offering your services as an English tutor to locals, such as employees at a factory who will soon get a visit from American owners or young people who want to learn English to improve their prospects.

Contract Work

There is plenty of contracting work out there to be had, both in the local job market and on the internet if you care to put in a bid for it. Locals may need someone to set up preform bands equipment, repair their sink, or mow the lawn in front of the school once a week. Online there are other opportunities, such as designing websites, creating website content, and helping companies to sell products on the internet. You can get a sample of the type of jobs that are available by visiting


If you have a skill, such as painting large canvas art, making doll clothes, or taking beautiful photos, you can sell them as a sideline to make money. Local markets are a good place to peddle your wares to locals and tourists and there are also plenty of places on the internet you can use to help you sell, such as Ebay and Etsy.

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