With all of the amazing things that technology has given us over the years it can seem difficult to image what the world was like before we had things like computers to send emails and iPads to check our exchange traded funds. Canada and America have a relatively short history but people have been living and thriving in different parts of Asia and Europe for centuries. If you want to see what people could do long before electricity and modern construction than one of the sites to see on your bucket list should be the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

While the name translates to mean the Place of the Crown, this structure made entirely of white marble was actually created as a mausoleum for the emperor Shah Jahan's late third wife. She passed away during childbirth of their fourteenth child. Now you will find everything from new homes Hamilton to office buildings in Paris based off of some of the ideas that were used in this masterpiece, which took twenty two years to complete and was finished in 1648. This was the pinnacle of Persian and Mughal architecture.

The design of the tomb definitely makes it the focal point of the property but there is also a lot of impressive work that went into the exterior of the mausoleum. This is something that would be the envy of any landscape designer out there today and it includes pathways to many of the other buildings on site. There are between two and four million people that usually visit this site within a year and most of them come from India. Only about 200,000 of those people are from overseas. But this is certainly worth the trip if you're an avid traveler or an architect. Canada to China, you will not find much else like this in the whole world.

The Taj Mahal is known as one of the eight wonders of the world and it is said that more than twenty thousand people worked on the structure. It is said that the best times to visit the site is from November to February and you will want to get there early in the day if you want to experience everything that it has to offer. Before heading to a country like India you will want to make sure that you have the proper paperwork and have done the proper currency exchange. Visitors might want to protect their belongings a little more than they would at home and should know that there are some places where you are not allowed to go if you are not a national of India. We would like to thank Leaside Homes real estate agent, Patrick Rocca for his support.

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