Whenever an individual, organization, or country has some grand plan for a huge project that's going to cost a lot of money they have to go out and find project financing funds for it. An company cannot get off the ground without start-up capital, a government program won't see the light of day without private or public funding, a charity run won't make much of an impact without sponsors or people donating time and money. All of those are examples of projects or events that need financing in place.

Every big project in the works, be it building a state-of-the-art athletic complex for a local university or building a new Aurora pump parts plant, is going to be financially supported from outside sources, either local or global. The Central Asia Gateway project is one such example of a large-scale project that wouldn't be able to happen without project financing in place.

The Central Asian Gateway is a project that has a couple of main goals, which are: integration and facilitating development in Central Asia. Those goals are achieved by promoting the practice of networking amongst a group of socio-economic research institutions, as well as a variety of other development stakeholders. The networking done between those groups and organizations will lead to knowledge sharing and the passing back and forth of experiences that could help everybody out.

The goal is do this through the project that is being dubbed The Central Asian Gateway Internet Portal, where topics such as regional integration, good governance, private sector development, cooperation in Central Asia and socio-economic development will be discussed.

Any group interested in discussing the above projects will be able to do so in online communities and they will all be able to interact in an open environment whenever they feel like discussing topics such as civil society development, economic reforms, poverty reduction and democratic governance.

A project with such a massive undertaking is going to need to be able to stay afloat for a prolonged period of time and needs to find financing to keep it going. Just like a multi-billion dollar brick industry packaging machines warehouse building project would need to find financing. Luckily for the Central Asian Gateway they have been able to do just that as they have received funding from organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme and the Uzbekistan Center for Economic Research. It doesn't matter if you're starting an internationally massive project such as the Central Asian Gateway program or want to open up a sheaf business, if there's no funding in place the project will stall.

Projects such as the Central Asian Gateway will continue to operate and find financing as long as they provide a valuable service or product. We can't really think of any reason why something that will help government officials, international experts, civil society representatives and businessmen who deal with active bonds wouldn't get funded.

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