Ask any home inspector company employee and they would readily tell you that more often than not the public is very much unaware of what they do for a living let alone know the importance of their jobs.

No, they do not help you to keep your garden in ship shape nor do they help you to paint the outer walls of your home. Theirs are jobs that are much more important and vital to keeping your home healthy. In short, they help you to identify existing and potential problems for your home and they go the extra mile to help you solve them. No, you would probably not be able to do it all yourself. Why spend a lot of time on this when there are experts out there who can do it before you can blink an eye?

While a real estate agent or even your most discerning friend, may scour the home looking for any potential issues. However, most of those issues will be cosmetic. What are the chances your friend or agent would bring a ladder so they could climb up on the roof and look for any missing or damaged shingles? What are the chances they would crawl down under the home to check and see if there are any foundation problems. Would your friend know what asbestos looks like? Would your agent check that all of the wiring is up to code and does not risk a potential fire hazard? Probably not. Which is why if you are thinking about buying a home, new or old, you hire an inspection company in the area of your potential real estate. Thinking about moving to a property that has suffered water damage and think you may require a a mold assessment or mold inspection to test the air quality? Give professionals, such as a visit and ask for their help. If you would like a home inspection on a purchased property as we mentioned above, we suggest calling a popular company such as Housemaster Home Inspections.

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